Roasted Cauliflower & Sprouts in Teriyaki Coconut Sauce

Teriyaki Veg

I know some of you will be shocked by this confession, but the time has come to get straight. You all know my addiction to bacon. It’s been a life-long, love affair. But the time has come to break up.  I’ve decided to go veggie.

cue gasps of horror

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Vegetarian Filo Pie with Pumpkin & Feta

Vegetarian Pumpkin Feta Pie

It’s back to school season and after a LONG, busy, productive summer, gallivanting around Europe and working very hard, the recipes are back on! 

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Grilled Miso Eggplant



This is one of those great, no-brainer, side dishes that is so “derrishus”, you’ll ask why you didn’t try it earlier and serve it to your buddies as a nice little scene-stealer.

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Cheese & Pickle Biscuits | Picklesaurus Fromage Rex


Cheese biscuits. Who doesn’t love ’em? I remember learning to bake cheese biscuits with my English gran when I was the same age as my son is now.

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Roasted Cider Cauliflower



I saw a similar recipe to this in Food 52, with whipped goat’s cheese dipping sauce, and it sounded divine. This dish is so simple but looks so pretty, and with the festive season upon us, this make a beautiful side addition to your Christmas table.  No need to floret the cauliflower. It’s the perfect lazy side dish. Read more

Crispy Soft Boiled Eggs


Yep, you heard right. Crispy AND soft-boiled… and so num num num….

It came about from an early breakfast at the beach with neighbours and kids, and having 4 leftover soft-boiled eggs.  They make the perfect light dinner with salad, or a gorgeous, decadent, slightly trashy breakfast…

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