Beetroot Brownies & A Small Rant

Beetroot Brownie 

  Let me start by saying I don’t actually have this problem with my kid. He’s pretty good about eating his greens.  But I have had a lot of people asking lately about what I’m doing that makes him so good at eating his food. The answer is…wait for it… I DON’T GIVE HIM A CHOICE.

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The Perils of Macademia Nut Ice Cream…

Yesterday Mum and I got the scare of our lives. It was my first proper day back in HK. We had spent the day having yum cha and browsing the shops, and at the end we went for ice cream at Haagen Daz. Mum ordered Macademia Nut and I got the Tiramisu. J had a few spoonfuls of both but preferred Mum’s so she kept giving him little tastes. So far so good. We got home and all of us went down for a nap.

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