Tales from The Big Lychee

This is a different kind of post to my usual recipe ones, though if you look hard enough, you’ll find one.

When I was a child, growing up in Hong Kong in the 80s, I envied my friends and classmates who were from America or the UK.  After every summer, they came back to school with tales of playing in grandparents’ orchards, picking apples, cherries, peaches from the trees.  An idyllic childhood it seemed, so very different from mine, being able to play in greenery and wilderness, taking fruit from the tree without paying anyone. Read more

Yeung Chau Chow Fan – Cantonese Fried Rice


Yeung Chau Chow Fan - Traditional Cantonese Fried Rice
This recipe is dedicated to my Gozitan friends, especially Myriam and Adrian who keep asking me to make something Chinese.  Now you can make this yourself 😉
Yeung Chau Chow Fan (Cantonese fried rice) is a big staple on Chinese cafe menus throughout Hong Kong. I’m pretty sure it’s because restaurant owners wanted to get rid of any leftovers, but that doesn’t mean it’s not delicious. Read more

The Cheung Chau Bun Festival

The Bun Festival is THE highlight in the island’s calendar. Occurring annually around the time of Lord Buddha’s birthday, the Bun Festival attracts around 100,000 people to the island. For 3 days the island is vegetarian, including McDonald’s, which is the only one in HK to have a vegetarian menu during this time. No meat is sold in the market, and the butchers enjoy a well-deserved holiday. Read more

Exploring : Noho – Cat, Gage & Gough Streets


The PRC are celebrating 60 years of Communism and today we all get a public holiday. Coupled with Mid-Autumn Festival in a couple of days time, people are feeling decidedly festive. Read more

A Mid-Autumn Tale : 2010

It’s hard to believe that a year has already passed since I wrote about the Lantern Festival letdown of 2009. The commercialism and the terrible plastic monstrosities that pass as lanterns these days – inflatable helicopters and Thomas the Tank Engine ugliness, blaring out tinny music. I vowed that no child of mine was going to have one of them…

And then?

Read more