Roast Duck Tacos with Asian Coleslaw

Duck taco


This recipe is currently appearing in this month’s issue of Playtimes, a local parenting magazine, of which I am this month’s guest contributor.  Hurrah! *takes bow*

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Bacon, Chorizo & Baby Bak Choi Breakfast Hash


Brunch. What a beautiful word.  To me it conjures up images of bacon, and friends, and laughing, and copious amounts of hot tea. Just like a Dove shampoo advert, where I’d come into a posh restaurant, about to meet my equally glamorous friends with lovely swishy, shiny hair. I love brunch. It’s also just another way to eat two meals in one go, right?! Yum.

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Beef Burgers with Ponzu Avocado & Radish Walnut Pesto


The sweat. The time. The devotion. It pays off…

Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone!  Welcome to the Year of the Horse! That means MEAT…

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Chicken & Water Chestnut One Pot Baked Rice

Baked Chicken & Chestnut One Pot Baked Rice

Did somebody say one pot cooking?  HELL YES! What’s better for meal-prepping than one-pot cooking? I love this delicious baked rice – it’s comforting and nourishing, perfect for post-gym fuelling and family alike. 

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Christmas Spring Rolls



Fusion. Such a dirty word to so many foodies. NOT THIS ONE!  No one else but third culture kids will know the joy of eating hard-boiled eggs with Maggi sauce, or condensed milk on toast. There is a lot to be said for the meeting of East and West…

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Broccoli and Beef in Chu Hou Sauce & Saffron Rice



It’s Typhoonmageddon here! Usagi is bearing a direct course for Hong Kong. My dad, the salty sea dog that he is, reckons the signal could go up to 10, with waves of 3m high. It’s the biggest storm in the world so far this year. Read more

Poached Chicken with Chinese Greens & Iberico Ham


I’ve been on a bit of a wellness detox of late, in a bid to lighten my load (physically and mentally).  Sometimes I get so bogged down with stress or tiredness, that it’s easy to reach for the crisp packet or chocolate bar as an instant fix.  I also have come to realise I have a terrible addiction to carbs and sugar,  and I intend to break myself of it. But dammit, did you see my last recipe? Beetroot brownies, anyone? Read more