Eggs with Caviar, Smashed Avocado, Ponzu & Creme Fraiche

Egg in Toast
Egg in Toast

Sunday brunch? Yes, please, don’t mind if I do! 

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Bacon, Chorizo & Baby Bak Choi Breakfast Hash


Brunch. What a beautiful word.  To me it conjures up images of bacon, and friends, and laughing, and copious amounts of hot tea. Just like a Dove shampoo advert, where I’d come into a posh restaurant, about to meet my equally glamorous friends with lovely swishy, shiny hair. I love brunch. It’s also just another way to eat two meals in one go, right?! Yum.

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Bacon and Egg Pie

 Bacon and Egg Pie


My friends know my love for bacon knows no bounds.  When I was 15, I tried being vegetarian. 3 weeks I lasted, until my smug little brother waved a crispy bacon sandwich and I was undone.  I knew then bacon would always be my kryptonite. If there is bacon on any dish in a restaurant, there is a 99.99% chance I’ll be eating that dish. If I don’t, I’m probably sick.  So when I saw Saveur’s Bacon and Egg Pie recipe last week, I knew it was just a matter of days. Read more

Crispy Soft Boiled Eggs


Yep, you heard right. Crispy AND soft-boiled… and so num num num….

It came about from an early breakfast at the beach with neighbours and kids, and having 4 leftover soft-boiled eggs.  They make the perfect light dinner with salad, or a gorgeous, decadent, slightly trashy breakfast…

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Quail Egg Canapes with Iberico Ham


As much as I love experimenting with all the Spanish products that Pata Negra House has so kindly given to me, I can’t help thinking that with such great quality ham (24-36 month aged, Bellota) the simplest ways are still the best ways. Read more

Yeung Chau Chow Fan – Cantonese Fried Rice


Yeung Chau Chow Fan - Traditional Cantonese Fried Rice
This recipe is dedicated to my Gozitan friends, especially Myriam and Adrian who keep asking me to make something Chinese.  Now you can make this yourself 😉
Yeung Chau Chow Fan (Cantonese fried rice) is a big staple on Chinese cafe menus throughout Hong Kong. I’m pretty sure it’s because restaurant owners wanted to get rid of any leftovers, but that doesn’t mean it’s not delicious. Read more