Crispy Salt & Pepper Tofu


Crispy Tofu 2

Tofu divides people, much like Marmite. For many it’s too bland, with that awful slimy texture.  For others, it’s a versatile ingredient that absorbs flavours well, and with a little ingenuity it can taste marvellous and full of texture. I didn’t really like tofu until my twenties but I LOVE the smell of chau dau fu, the deep fried, smelly, fermented bean curd.  There’s just something about that rancid, musty smell… mmmm!  

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Poached Chicken with Chinese Greens & Iberico Ham


I’ve been on a bit of a wellness detox of late, in a bid to lighten my load (physically and mentally).  Sometimes I get so bogged down with stress or tiredness, that it’s easy to reach for the crisp packet or chocolate bar as an instant fix.  I also have come to realise I have a terrible addiction to carbs and sugar,  and I intend to break myself of it. But dammit, did you see my last recipe? Beetroot brownies, anyone? Read more

Sautéed Asparagus & Lily Bulbs with Iberico Ham

Lily Bulb Salad

I love the colours in this dish.  Who could resist a good, hot salad in summer, when you want to include vegetables that can’t be eaten raw.  I like my veggies crunchy, even when I cook them. They are flash-fried in the pan very quickly, to keep their colour, texture and taste.  It cooks in less than 5 minutes and is a real show-stopping addition to any meal.  Mix it with pasta or top with a fried egg and you have a meal or serve as an entrée before your main course. It is versatile and easy. Read more

Chinese Lemonade


Hot, sticky summer days call for something ice cold and thirst quenching. My mother is a big advocate of balancing inner heatyness (a very Chinese concept) and dampness with soups or tonics. We went to visit her this weekend and she made a big pot of Chinese pear and barley juice for us. To flush out the excess water in our bodies which our bodies hold onto in this heat and humidity.  My mother likes to flush things.

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Yeung Chau Chow Fan – Cantonese Fried Rice


Yeung Chau Chow Fan - Traditional Cantonese Fried Rice
This recipe is dedicated to my Gozitan friends, especially Myriam and Adrian who keep asking me to make something Chinese.  Now you can make this yourself 😉
Yeung Chau Chow Fan (Cantonese fried rice) is a big staple on Chinese cafe menus throughout Hong Kong. I’m pretty sure it’s because restaurant owners wanted to get rid of any leftovers, but that doesn’t mean it’s not delicious. Read more

Chinese Soup – Papaya and Chestnuts


It’s that time of year when my body is hanging on through sheer adrenalin to get to the end of term. I can feel my body getting wearier, fighting off bugs and germs from all the kids I come into contact with at school.  Today I sit here and my throat is aching and swollen and I feel so drained. Summer time is not the best time for making long 3 hour soups like this one, but needs must at this point.  Usually I’ve found a good soup cures most things. Read more