Crispy Salt & Pepper Tofu


Crispy Tofu 2

Tofu divides people, much like Marmite. For many it’s too bland, with that awful slimy texture.  For others, it’s a versatile ingredient that absorbs flavours well, and with a little ingenuity it can taste marvellous and full of texture. I didn’t really like tofu until my twenties but I LOVE the smell of chau dau fu, the deep fried, smelly, fermented bean curd.  There’s just something about that rancid, musty smell… mmmm!  

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Black Sesame Tofu Slices


I saw this dish in Saveur magazine and it looked so gorgeous, I gave it a try.  My mother gave me a bag full of black sesame seeds a while back and I’d been wondering what to do with them. It is a simple enough recipe but the tofu is fiddly-slippery so take care when handling it as it falls apart easily (yes, even the ‘EXTRA FIRM’ ones…).  This would also be lovely done with salmon.

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Preserved Vegetables with Pork and Tofu

 Preserved Veg & Tofu


One of my favourite Chinese soul food meals is fresh Shanghai noodles in a lovely broth, with preserved vegetables, strips of fried dao-fu and shredded pork. My lovely Chinese dragon of a mother is making them as we speak… I made this back in the UK whenever I felt homesick, especially when the weather was getting me down. There is nothing so simple to lift the spirits and remind you of your mum. Read more