Basic Muffin Recipe with Muffin Combinations



I love muffins. So easy and so satisfying. The perfect snack. And so many variations. I like easy recipes where you can change the flavours and have an entirely new invention.

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Chocolate Cherry Cake with Amaretto


Chocolate Cherry Cake

This deliciously scrumptious, boozy chocolate cake made the perfect Cinderella appearance at my dad’s Boxing Day party last Christmas but i think it’s perfect for any occasion. Birthday? Check. Chinese New Year? Check. Valentine’s? Check. Finished the gym. CHECK. Just because it’s Friday? More like Fri-YAY with this little sweetie…

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Double Chocolate Avocado Ice-cream

Avocado Icecream 2

I once dated a man who told me after a few dates that he didn’t like ice-cream. My mouth fell open and I could hear myself say “Who doesn’t like ice-cream?” incredulously. Inside, I was screaming “YOU HAVE NO SOUL!”

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Chinese Drink – Lo Han Guo

 This traditional Chinese drink is very simple to make and usually drunk in hot summer and autumn months when the body might have too much ‘heatiness’ from fried foods or stress. It’s great at this time of year, when kids have gone back to school and are prone to coming down with throat tickles and sniffles. 

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Gluten-free Mint Chocolate Truffle Cake | The Spice Box Organics Challenge Part 4


Gluten free mint chocolate cake

I thought I had outdone myself with my Pear Gingerbread Tart with Mace & Salted Caramel Sauce last week, but no, seems I had yet one more corker of a recipe up my sleeve for your Christmas table!  Read more