Turmeric, Ginger & Lentil Soup | DIY Flu Fighter 2

Turmeric Ginger Lentil

Autumn is here! Yeh, okay it’s still 24c and warm enough, but the very air is different! I can smell that smell in the mornings, you know? That dry, autumn leaf smell of forests. It’s definitely cooler in the mornings too. That means SOUP SEASON!

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Poached Chicken with Chinese Greens & Iberico Ham


I’ve been on a bit of a wellness detox of late, in a bid to lighten my load (physically and mentally).  Sometimes I get so bogged down with stress or tiredness, that it’s easy to reach for the crisp packet or chocolate bar as an instant fix.  I also have come to realise I have a terrible addiction to carbs and sugar,  and I intend to break myself of it. But dammit, did you see my last recipe? Beetroot brownies, anyone? Read more

Chinese Soup – Papaya and Chestnuts


It’s that time of year when my body is hanging on through sheer adrenalin to get to the end of term. I can feel my body getting wearier, fighting off bugs and germs from all the kids I come into contact with at school.  Today I sit here and my throat is aching and swollen and I feel so drained. Summer time is not the best time for making long 3 hour soups like this one, but needs must at this point.  Usually I’ve found a good soup cures most things. Read more

Chinese Soup – Summer Loofah and Ginger


Loofah 1

This Chinese summer soup is mercifully a short soup. 3 hour soups in a HK summer are just not feasible, unless you are *inserts lame pun now* cool with paying for air conditioning. We have had a strange spring, cloudy and rainy and damp for months now, but suddenly this week, summer has burst in with all the charge of an angry bull.

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Chinese Soup – Green Carrot

This soup reminds me so much of my mother, and of my childhood. The day I learned to make it, I could actually feel my heart swell and I caught my breath, thinking that NOW, finally, I was a grown up, because I could make this soup for my son.

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Mooli in Kombu Soup

Mooli soup


I cannot claim credit for this recipe, it comes from my stepmother again. This stock is a popular Japanese soup base (dashi), used for noodles and is completely vegetarian and super healthy. You’ll find lots of good stuff in this, like iron, iodine, zinc and magnesium.

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Chinese Soup – Apple and Snow Fungus

 Apple and Snow Fungus Soup

This pretty, delicate soup is another one which uses fruit in a savory way.  Sadly, in our family, the other name we call this soup is far more indicative of the nature and character of our family (actually just my mum).  Because of its *ahem* ‘purgative’ and ‘cleansing’ properties, my mum calls it ‘Sh*t Soup’. Read more