Baked Peppers stuffed with Polenta in Beef and Vegetable Ragu

Baked PeppersThis is a real hearty, winter dish – you definitely want to be wearing your stretchy pants for this meal and not do any heavy lifting afterwards!

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Chinese-Style Chicken Meatballs

Chicken Meatballs

What I love about this recipe is that you can make loads, freeze them, and have them ready to go any time you’re too tired to cook, or can’t face making YET ANOTHER HAM & CHEESE SANDWICH! *side eyes my kid*

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Easy Chinese Beef Skewers

Want to introduce your kid to fire? Upgrade their kitchen skills to an actual stove top? This is the recipe for you.

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Roast Duck Tacos with Asian Coleslaw

Duck taco


This recipe is currently appearing in this month’s issue of Playtimes, a local parenting magazine, of which I am this month’s guest contributor.  Hurrah! *takes bow*

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Savoury Korean Pancakes




So I made this just now for dinner. I’m pretty pleased with myself, because it tastes AMAZING. And it took less than 30 mins to put on the table. AND it’s (relatively) healthy (being gluten free but fried = same same). AND the kid gave it the thumbs up.  It’s crispy and crunchy, and YUMMERS.

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Bacon, Chorizo & Baby Bak Choi Breakfast Hash


Brunch. What a beautiful word.  To me it conjures up images of bacon, and friends, and laughing, and copious amounts of hot tea. Just like a Dove shampoo advert, where I’d come into a posh restaurant, about to meet my equally glamorous friends with lovely swishy, shiny hair. I love brunch. It’s also just another way to eat two meals in one go, right?! Yum.

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