Three New Food Apps for Hong Kong!

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Three food apps to help foodies explore Hong Kong restaurants

When it comes to food, Hong Kong is right up there with the best – every nook and cranny is filled with amazing restaurants and food stalls that offer authentic Cantonese cuisine. While dining in this amazing city is a fairly easy, it’s not that easy to find the best joints to dine out in. Thankfully, there are smartphone apps that can help pinpoint some of the finest food places in Hong Kong.

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Exploring Bangkok | City of Smiles

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After my wonderful, short, city break to Penang with my mother, I am rather in love with short city breaks. Now that I don’t get those lovely long summer holidays as a teacher any more, I have to make the best of public holidays and be a little more creative in stretching my time off. 

I surprised my boy with a 3 day trip to Bangkok to visit his best friend. Our friends had relocated there just three months earlier, swapping idyllic Cheung Chau island life for frenetic city life.  Read more

Tales from The Big Lychee

This is a different kind of post to my usual recipe ones, though if you look hard enough, you’ll find one.

When I was a child, growing up in Hong Kong in the 80s, I envied my friends and classmates who were from America or the UK.  After every summer, they came back to school with tales of playing in grandparents’ orchards, picking apples, cherries, peaches from the trees.  An idyllic childhood it seemed, so very different from mine, being able to play in greenery and wilderness, taking fruit from the tree without paying anyone. Read more

The Cheung Chau Bun Festival

The Bun Festival is THE highlight in the island’s calendar. Occurring annually around the time of Lord Buddha’s birthday, the Bun Festival attracts around 100,000 people to the island. For 3 days the island is vegetarian, including McDonald’s, which is the only one in HK to have a vegetarian menu during this time. No meat is sold in the market, and the butchers enjoy a well-deserved holiday. Read more