Chinese Drink – Lo Han Guo

 This traditional Chinese drink is very simple to make and usually drunk in hot summer and autumn months when the body might have too much ‘heatiness’ from fried foods or stress. It’s great at this time of year, when kids have gone back to school and are prone to coming down with throat tickles and sniffles. 

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Roselle Cordial & Popsicles – DIY Flu Fighters

Fresh roselles

I found these in the market a few days ago and I got very excited. Don’t they look beautiful?

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Tales from The Big Lychee

This is a different kind of post to my usual recipe ones, though if you look hard enough, you’ll find one.

When I was a child, growing up in Hong Kong in the 80s, I envied my friends and classmates who were from America or the UK.  After every summer, they came back to school with tales of playing in grandparents’ orchards, picking apples, cherries, peaches from the trees.  An idyllic childhood it seemed, so very different from mine, being able to play in greenery and wilderness, taking fruit from the tree without paying anyone. Read more

Chinese Lemonade


Hot, sticky summer days call for something ice cold and thirst quenching. My mother is a big advocate of balancing inner heatyness (a very Chinese concept) and dampness with soups or tonics. We went to visit her this weekend and she made a big pot of Chinese pear and barley juice for us. To flush out the excess water in our bodies which our bodies hold onto in this heat and humidity.  My mother likes to flush things.

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