Basic Muffin Recipe with Muffin Combinations



I love muffins. So easy and so satisfying. The perfect snack. And so many variations. I like easy recipes where you can change the flavours and have an entirely new invention.

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Roselle Cordial & Popsicles – DIY Flu Fighters

Fresh roselles

I found these in the market a few days ago and I got very excited. Don’t they look beautiful?

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DIY Bread : Easy Peasy No-Knead


So far this super typhoon Usagi has been very disappointing. I’ve seen worse drizzle in the UK.  But with all the panic-buying in the streets (I’ve seen empty shelves of kale, people – KALE? Seriously?!), I’ve been busy baking and getting some recipes under my belt.

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DIY Cheese – Labneh


Easter break and the weather is like a Hong Kong summer – humid, sticky and stormy. I thought this would be a good opportunity to do those things that need more time – like cheese-making and sewing.  Turns out making fresh cheese like labneh is a doddle.  If I had known it was this easy, I’d have done it YEARS ago. Why did I wait so long??


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