That Mama!

Hey, so this is a little late, since the interview went live last week, but I’m a Sassy Mama!

This week’s That Mama is Cheung Chau resident (and food blogger extraordinaire!) Sharon Maloney. Mum to the gorgeous Jonah; Sharon is a teacher by day, and she’s sharing her passion for foodie treats, how to be a creative mama and her love of hats with Sassy Mama! 
Tell us a bit about yourself!I was born and raised in HK, and after spending almost ten years abroad, I returned a few years ago and now live on Cheung Chau. I am a single mother, working as an English teacher full-time in a local school. In my spare time, I blog about food and island life at Jasmine and Ginger. I love eating, cooking, reading, crafts and cocktails!
How do you save time? What are your organisational tricks and tips?My mornings are very rushed as we are up at dawn to take the early ferry. I make lunches and breakfasts the night before and have everything ready to go first thing, even down to my wardrobe! At weekends I often cook up a big pot of soup, stew or bolognaise sauce to turn into various meals throughout the week. I would also say if you can, get a helper. It is a massive weight off your shoulders, especially if you are doing it alone. My helper is invaluable and does all the chores and shopping so I can focus on my son after work.

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