StickerKid’s Awesome Stickers


This week my kid got a really nice surprise in the post, all the way from StickerKid, a custom name tag / sticker company. Having just started back at school and been given a billion books, uniform changes and stationery, these stickers could not have come at a better time! 

These wonderful stickers have a multitude of designs, colours and fonts, allowing you and your kid to design something creative and personal. They are made of the most malleable and flexible adhesive, allowing you to apply the stickers to any surface (except Teflon, I’m told). Once applied, the sticker will resist the test of time for years (10 year guarantee I’m told). For their textile labels, StickerKid guarantee that they will withstand 45 machine washes at a temperatures of 60 degrees Celsius. These labels are also washing machine and tumble dryer resistant.

I was extremely impressed with StickerKid’s website, and the ease of choosing the stickers. With J, we picked out his favourite colours and animal. Our discovery pack of 94 mixed stickers arrived very promptly within 10 days, in a slim envelope. Best of all, there is a range of value packs for you to mix and match what you want, and they are extremely reasonable. A pack of 154 stickers costs HK$275 and contains :

  • 32 large stickers
  • 14 shoe stickers
  • 60 small stickers
  • 48 clothes stickers

Stickers can be customised with Chinese script and telephone numbers as well, and are far better quality than anything I’ve found in HK. They would make excellent stocking fillers for the little people in your life!

So we spent a happy hour sticking every possible possession J owned, right down to all his shoes. I can rest a little easier now, knowing my forgetful kid who always loses things, will probably be able to hang onto most of his possessions now. Probably. Fingers crossed.

StickerKid is now offering all Jasmine & Ginger readers a 10% discount on all stickers. Please use this code at the checkout: StickerKid10SG_34RG


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