Three New Food Apps for Hong Kong!

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Three food apps to help foodies explore Hong Kong restaurants

When it comes to food, Hong Kong is right up there with the best – every nook and cranny is filled with amazing restaurants and food stalls that offer authentic Cantonese cuisine. While dining in this amazing city is a fairly easy, it’s not that easy to find the best joints to dine out in. Thankfully, there are smartphone apps that can help pinpoint some of the finest food places in Hong Kong.

Open Rice

Open Rice is quite possibly the most popular restaurant database and review app not only in Hong Kong but in other parts of Asia as well. If you need to look for a specific restaurant that serves a certain dish, you can rely on this app. You can even limit the search further by including the district, and price range that you want to spend on food. There are also suggestions of the most popular restaurants around Hong Kong, and updates of the latest dining trends for the pickiest of eaters.


This app is like the Yelp version of Hong Kong. Apart from being able to browse hundreds of restaurants in its database, users can read customer reviews. Customer reviews are so important now in keeping restaurant food quality and service in check, so Dishi is a pretty neat app to have if you only want to dine at the best places. One of the finest features of Dishi is that it shows the menus of most restaurants in the city, which helps guests decide whether or not to try out a new establishment.

Food Panda

Food Panda allows people to have takeouts wherever they are in Hong Kong. Users can bookmark their favorite restaurants on the list, and hit re-order so they won’t have to browse through the myriad of selections when they have a set of favorites. Each restaurant featured on the app has a reviews section so those who are browsing for something new will have an idea if an establishment serves good food or not. Food Panda regularly releases promotional vouchers so people can save more on food, and accepts credit card payments.

There’s no denying about the convenience of smartphones when it comes to functionality. Who would’ve thought it would actually replace traditional computing devices when it comes to doing searches over the Internet? Smartphones have become a necessity in life, which is a fact according to Gaming Realms, the operating arm of entertainment website Iceland Bingo, who say that much of the Internet’s market growth has come from the increased adoption of smartphones by consumers. With mobile apps, everything is easier, and the aforementioned apps are proof of that.

The three apps have English versions so non-Chinese speaking people can easily use them.

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