Green Tea Shortbread Biscuits

 Green Tea Shortbread

This recipe is a fantastic introduction to baking for little ones. Kids who are 6 years old can probably manage the whole thing on their own, even the oven, with careful supervision.  Yes, that’s right folks, pour yourself a glass of wine and sit back to watch the mayhem magic happen…

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Easy Chinese Beef Skewers

Want to introduce your kid to fire? Upgrade their kitchen skills to an actual stove top? This is the recipe for you.

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Roselle Cordial & Popsicles – DIY Flu Fighters

Fresh roselles

I found these in the market a few days ago and I got very excited. Don’t they look beautiful?

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Exploring Bangkok | City of Smiles

 ocean world 6

After my wonderful, short, city break to Penang with my mother, I am rather in love with short city breaks. Now that I don’t get those lovely long summer holidays as a teacher any more, I have to make the best of public holidays and be a little more creative in stretching my time off. 

I surprised my boy with a 3 day trip to Bangkok to visit his best friend. Our friends had relocated there just three months earlier, swapping idyllic Cheung Chau island life for frenetic city life.  Read more

Foodie Magazine : School Lunches!

Need some inspiration for your kid’s school lunches? Look no further than pg 38 in the new issue of Foodie magazine … done by yours truly ;)


Crispy Salt & Pepper Tofu


Crispy Tofu 2

Tofu divides people, much like Marmite. For many it’s too bland, with that awful slimy texture.  For others, it’s a versatile ingredient that absorbs flavours well, and with a little ingenuity it can taste marvellous and full of texture. I didn’t really like tofu until my twenties but I LOVE the smell of chau dau fu, the deep fried, smelly, fermented bean curd.  There’s just something about that rancid, musty smell… mmmm!  

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